What to do if some of your content is missing

Follow the below-outlined steps if:

  • Some of your notes are missing
  • A part of your notes are missing, whether it's missing from a single or multiple notes
  • Your attachments are missing
  • In any other case, where your account isn't entirely empty

Complete the following steps to locate your content:

  • Sign out, restart your device, and sign back in
  • Update Evernote to its latest version
  • If you can't find a note, try sorting all your notes alphabetically by title, as this could be a Search issue
  • Verify if your content is in the trash
  • Access the note's history to restore a previous version of your content
  • If your content is visible in Evernote Web, this could be a Sync issue
  • Look for duplicates of your notes using this search ‘intitle:[notetitle]’
  • If the note is shared, the owner may help retrieve the missing content.


If you continue to encounter issues finding your content, please contact us and provide the following information:

  1. Your activity logs
  2. The approximate date and time on which the issue occurred
  3. If part of a note is missing, the note id (open the note > click or tap on the three-dot icon > Copy internal link > paste the link in your reply).
  4. If the entire note is missing, the note title. 
  5. If attachments are missing, specify the device on which the notes were created, how the attachments were added to the notes (copy-pasting, drag and drop, upload), and indicate when they stopped showing. 


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