Tips for troubleshooting syncing issues

When you add and edit notes on one device, Evernote syncs changes to our servers and then to your other devices. If your notes aren't syncing properly, follow the steps below.

  • Check Evernote's status blog to ensure that there isn't a server-side problem causing your sync error, as when Evernote servers are updated with new versions of the various software components, the service can be slow or even intermittently unavailable.
  • The Operating system requirements for Evernote have been updated recently. Please check the article to see if your device is still compatible.
  • Verify you're connected to the Internet and try to change your network (from cellular to Wi-Fi and vice-versa).
  • Update to the latest version of Evernote
  • Sign out, restart your device, sign back in.
  • Try to see if you can view your notes in Evernote Web.
  • If you are experiencing this issue using a web browser, try to use a different one.

If none of these suggestions help, please contact us. It's helpful to include the following in your ticket submission:

  • Are you seeing any error messages? If so, could you send a screenshot of the error(s)? If you are using an iOS device and you see a red triangle in the upper right corner of a note, please tap on it to reveal the error message.
  • Can you please send us your activity logs from the affected device?
  • What device(s) are you experiencing this issue with?
  • How many notes are not syncing? Can you provide us with the corresponding titles? Are there any commonalities between notes that do sync and those that don't? (Ex: created in the same way, on the same device, in the same notebook, etc.)
  • When did you first notice this issue start happening? Do you recall if it coincided with any changes to your device or Evernote (including newly created or edited notes)?
  • As a last resort, we suggest you to Uninstall/Reinstall Evernote. Before uninstalling Evernote, ensure that all your notes are synced and visible in Evernote Web (you may also wish to backup or save a copy of your notes). Also, please make sure to export your activity logs before uninstalling.



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