Update from Legacy ("Client not supported" or "Sync error")

We decommissioned Evernote’s legacy clients on March 26, 2024. On that date, all versions of Evernote released prior to v10 on macOS, Windows, and Android stopped working. The iOS version was already decommissioned earlier this year.

To continue using your Evernote account, you must install the latest version of Evernote (v10). You can find the direct download link here.

If you’d like to read more about our decision to decommission legacy clients, please refer to this article on the Evernote blog. 

Below you can find some FAQ and best practices for a smooth transition to Evernote v10.


I’m experiencing a slower performance on v10

You may experience a slower experience the first time you open a note in v10. Legacy versions of Evernote used a different note format than v10. As such, each note must be converted to the new format. This action takes place when the note is opened for the first time in v10 and can last a couple of seconds. Going forward, it’ll load and update at lightning speed.


My local notes are missing

Evernote’s v10 does not support local notes. When you first open v10, you’ll be prompted to upload your local notebooks to the Cloud via the Convert local notebooks tool.


I can’t install the new client as I’m running an old OS

We understand your concerns and the challenges you're facing with the inability to install the latest Evernote version on an older device or operating system.

To address this issue, we recommend accessing Evernote Web through a web browser on your device. This alternative method will allow you to log in to your Evernote account without the need for an installation.


I’m having issues logging in

If you no longer have access to the email address associated with your Evernote account, please:

  • Try every password you may have previously used for this account.
  • Check if your password is stored in any password manager tools 
  • Try recovering access to your original email address through your email provider. You should then manage to regain access to your Evernote account's password by requesting a password reset email.

If, upon logging into the new Evernote app, you’re being asked to reset your password, please take a look at this article.

If you’re having trouble with two-step verification instead, you can find useful tips in this article.


Some features from legacy are missing

We understand that the transition to Evernote v10 may have its challenges as you adapt your workflows, and we appreciate your patience as we take this important step to improve Evernote’s security.

At Evernote, we're committed to continuous improvement and innovation to provide our users with the best possible experience. While we may not be able to promise the inclusion of every requested feature, please know that your suggestions are invaluable to us.


We’re excited to close this chapter in Evernote’s story so that we can focus all our attention on the future. We appreciate your cooperation and wholeheartedly believe you’ll come to love v10 as much as we do.

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