Note: Beginning with the newest Evernote apps (Version 10.0 and above), local notebooks are no longer supported in Evernote.


Local notebooks are notebooks that are not synced to Evernote and only exist on the computer where they are created. New notebooks created in Evernote will be synced to your Evernote account so they appear on all of your connected devices. However, if you are using an older version of Evernote, you may still be able to access and create local notebooks. Local notebooks are not available in Evernote Business accounts.

Convert local notebooks to use in the new Evernote

Because local notebooks are no longer supported, we have built a tool in the new Evernote apps (Version 10.0 and above) to help you identify and export any local notebooks that exist on your computer. If you have local notebooks, you will automatically see the tool the first time you launch the new Evernote for Mac or the new Evernote for Windows, or you can find the tool any time by going to Tools > Check for Local Notebooks from the menu bar.

Converting your local notebooks for use in the new Evernote app is a simple, two-step process:

  1. Export your local notebooks to ENEX files. From the tool in the new Evernote app, click the download icon located to the right (next to the total number of local notebooks identified). Alternatively, you can click the download icon next to each, individual notebook. The notebooks will be saved as ENEX files on your computer.
  2. Import the ENEX files into the new Evernote app. In the new Evernote app, import the ENEX files that were saved to your computer. Your imported notebooks will sync to Evernote, and will no longer be local notebooks.

Frequently asked questions

Why are local notebooks no longer supported?

One of the primary benefits of Evernote is the ability for customers to capture ideas and information in multiple ways and then access that information from anywhere, anytime. This requires secure syncing of content in Evernote.

So you can start using the new apps right away, we recommend converting your local notebooks to synced notebooks using the steps above.

What if I want to continue using local notebooks?

For the near future, we will continue to maintain an older version of Evernote that allows you to access your local notebooks as you do now.

Are local notebooks the same as offline notebooks?

No. Local notebooks are notebooks that are not (and have never) synced to Evernote, and only exist on the computer where they are created. Offline notebooks are synced notebooks that have been downloaded to a device for offline access. Learn more about offline notebooks >>

How do I know my notebooks are secure if I sync them to Evernote?

Evernote uses industry-standard encryption. To learn more, visit Security Overview and What type of encryption does Evernote use?. For an additional layer of account security, we offer and recommend setting up two-step verification.

I know Evernote uses the Google Cloud. Is my data secure in Google Cloud?

The Evernote security team has performed an extensive security review of both Google’s internal security practices and of Google Cloud Platform. We are confident that the security controls of this service meet or exceed our security standards. To learn more, we covered this Evernote blog post: Protecting Customer Data on GCP.



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