How to troubleshoot Evernote Web Clipper

How to troubleshoot Evernote Web Clipper
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How to troubleshoot Evernote Web Clipper

If you're having trouble using Evernote Web Clipper, first make sure you install the latest version of Evernote Web Clipper for your browser, then follow the appropriate steps below.

Certain pages won't clip, or the clip doesn't look like the original page

Certain web clips may not look the same as the original page or may not clip at all. Often this happens when the original web page has a lot of design elements, interactive content, or multimedia such as video or audio.

Below are some ideas for how to clip pages you're having trouble with. The best solution and those available to you will be different for each device and browser.

  • Switch the clip type. Try Article, Simplified Article, and Full Page modes to see which one gives the best results.
  • Try selecting only the portion of content you want to clip, then open the clipper.
  • Capture the page as a Screenshot.

If, after trying the above alternatives, you're still unable to clip content to Evernote, contact us and include the specific web page that you are attempting to clip.

Application-Specific Tips

Microsoft Edge

  1. Click the three dots (...) in the upper-right or press alt + X to open Settings and more
  2. Click Extensions
  3. Make sure Evernote Web Clipper is switched to On

Microsoft Outlook

  1. Open Outlook and select File > Options > Add-Ins
  2. Ensure that ‘Evernote Outlook Contact Connector’ and ‘Evernote.Outlook’ are both checked under ‘Active Application Add-ins’
  3. Select ‘COM Add-ins’ from the drop down menu and click Go
  4. Check the two Evernote boxes under ‘Add-Ins Available’
  5. You may need to restart Outlook before the Evernote add-in is enabled

Internet Explorer

Enable 'Add to Evernote'

In Internet Explorer, go to the tools menu (gear button) and click Manage add-ons > Toolbars and Extensions. Make sure 'Add to Evernote 5' is enabled. If it isn't, enable it then restart your browser.

Add Web Clipper to your toolbar

Right-click on the tools menu (gear) and make sure 'Command Bar' is checked. On the command bar, you should see the Evernote elephant button for the Evernote Web Clipper. If you do not see the Evernote Web Clipper button or wish to change the order of buttons, right-click on the command bar and select 'Customize'.

Mobile phones and tablets

Mobile phones and tablets do not support web clipping the same way as desktop computer browsers. For tips on clipping on a mobile device, see how to clip web pages and content from Android and iOS devices.



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