Operating system requirements for Evernote

Evernote is compatible with the operating systems listed below.


    • Mac

      • macOS 10.14 and newer
    • Windows

      • Windows 10 and newer (32-bit and 64-bit)
    • iPhone and iPad

      • iOS 13 and newer
    • Android

      • Android 9 and newer
    • Evernote Web

      • Chrome version 108 or newer
      • Firefox version 111 or newer
      • Edge version 108 or newer
      • Opera version 94 or newer
      • Safari version 16.4 or newer

      Please note that:

      • Evernote Web is not optimized for mobile browsers
      • If you're experiencing any issues while using Evernote Web, please make sure to update your browser or switch to a supported one.
      • Using Evernote Web in Incognito mode may cause issues for larger accounts.
      • Storage space is required to run Evernote Web. Make sure to free up space and clear your cache.


Note: Evernote does not officially support beta versions of any operating systems. Users on older operating systems may still be able to use Evernote, but will not receive the latest app updates, including feature improvements and bug fixes.



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