How to move and share content with your team

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Why move and share content?

Simplify how you share

You may have work-related content you’ll need to move from an individual account to a team account.

We recommend that you create spaces in the team account to share with your team. In just 4 steps you can share multiple notes, notebooks, and projects easily.

Here is a quick snap shot of what a space can look like below. Your space will include what's new, pinned notes, plus notes and notebooks you move here.

Spaces in Evernote Business

Step 1
Move content from your individual account to your team account

Moving notes & notebooks

When you choose to move content, you are removing the notebooks from your individual account and placing them in the team account.

Move notebooks GIF

How to move content

  1. On a computer web browser, log into your Evernote Teams account at
  2. Select your name in the top left corner and choose Account info... from the drop down menu.
  3. On the Account Summary page scroll to the bottom and select Move Notebooks.
  4. Enter your credentials for your team account.
  5. Place a check in the boxes next to each notebook you wish to move and select Move Notebooks. Note: You can move away from this page, but leave this browser window open while content is moving.

Now you're ready for Step 2!


  • You can only move 50 notebooks at a time.
  • You will see a message stating "We're moving your notebooks!" letting you know the request is being processed. You will receive an email when the move is complete.
  • If you choose copy instead of move, your notes and notebooks will create a copy to the Teams account. Keep in mind any changes made to one copy will not automatically update the other copy. For this reason, we recommend moving content.

Step 2
Set up your space

Create spaces by team, project, or idea

See Getting started with Spaces to learn how to create a space.

Once you move content to the team account you’ll want to create a space and invite your team as needed. You’ll only have to invite a team member one time to a new space, as they will have access to all notes and notebooks that are saved in that specific space.

Create a space GIF

How to create a space and move your notebooks

  1. Click on New space.
  2. Enter the name for your space and a short description.
  3. Move existing notebooks in by selecting Move in notebooks > Notebooks (not currently in a space).
  4. Choose the desired notebooks and select Move.

Now you're ready for Step 3!


  • Notes and notebooks can only live in one space.

Step 3
Move content to your space

Organize by space

Now that you've created a space for your team and projects - let's move your content over!

Move content GIF

How to organize content

  1. Find other existing note(s) and/or notebook(s) you wish to move to your new space and share with the team.
  2. Click the More actions button (three dots) next to the notes or notebooks and select Move....
  3. Find the space you wish to move this selection of note(s) and/or notebook(s).
  4. Select Move.

Now you're ready for Step 4!

Step 4
Invite your team to share your content

You're almost done!

Now that you've moved content to your space, you can easily share the space with your team.

Team members will have access to ALL notes and notebooks that are saved in that specific space. No more having to share multiple notes and notebooks with the entire team.

Invite your team to a space GIF

How to invite your team to a space

  1. Click on Share.
  2. Enter the name of the person you would like to share the space to.
  3. Choose the desired sharing permission for your team member.
  4. Select Invite.



  • Now all existing and new content will be visible to all members of the space.
  • New members will begin to see new spaces on their left navigation menu.
  • Use the account Directory to find existing spaces to join!

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