Why am I seeing multiple charges from Evernote? Why am I being charged if I have a Free account?

If you're seeing multiple charges from Evernote (e.g. both monthly and annual payments, double annual payments etc.), if you’re being charged even if your account is Free or if you can't identify a charge from Evernote it's likely that a secondary/older account is on an active subscription.

If you don’t recall which email your account is linked to, please try the following:

  1. Try logging in with every email (including older work or school emails, inactive emails etc.) and every password you may have previously used for this account. You will not lock yourself out for too many password attempts.
  2. Check if your email and password are stored in any password manager tools
  3. If you're using an Apple device, you might have created an account on Evernote by logging in with Apple and enabling the Hide My Email option that Apple offers. This hides the real email address to preserve privacy. Since we have no means to identify that email address, we'll need you to retrieve it by taking a look at the complete list of the automatically generated email addresses associated with the services you enabled this option for. You can do so by tapping on Settings (from mobile) or System Preferences (from PC) > iCloud > Hide My Email and selecting Evernote.

If you could identify your secondary account, please note that subscriptions can't be transferred from one account to the other, nor can multiple subscriptions be merged. 


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