Understanding our Bug Reporting and Prioritization Process

At Evernote, we strive to promptly address and resolve any bugs or technical issues our users encounter, and we want to provide transparency regarding how we handle bug reports and prioritize fixes.

When you report a bug through the contact form dedicated to Technical Issues, it initiates a process within our development team to investigate and address the issue. We want to assure you that your report is received, acknowledged, and prioritized internally. However, it's important to understand that the resolution timeline for each bug can vary significantly based on several factors, including its severity, complexity, and reproducibility.

Upon submitting a bug report, you will receive a reply acknowledging receipt of your report. This email outlines our approach to addressing bugs and provides insight into what you can expect next. It's important to note that while we make every effort to resolve issues as quickly as possible, we are unable to provide specific timelines for bug fixes due to the nature of the development process.

To stay informed about the progress of bug fixes, we encourage you to refer to the release notes accompanying each new version of Evernote. These release notes highlight the changes and improvements included in the latest update, including any bug fixes that have been implemented.

As much as we'd like to provide a custom response to each and every ticket, we believe our time is better invested in investigating and resolving reported issues. For this reason, we'll be following up only if our development team needs additional details to support the investigation. Otherwise, it means that we have all the necessary details at hand to dig into the reported bug.

In the event that you do need to reach out for further assistance, we've outlined some guidelines to help streamline the process:

  • Most of the times, a few generic troubleshooting steps prove to be successful in solving the issues. We keep this page up-to-date as we strive to identify steps that can be applied to a wide range of bugs. This is why we strongly suggest you carry them out before submitting a ticket.
  • To ensure efficient handling of your report, please submit one bug per ticket. This allows us to categorize and prioritize issues more effectively.
  • When submitting a bug report, please choose the category that best describes the issue you're experiencing. This helps us route your report to the appropriate team for investigation.
  • If your inquiry pertains to account management or billing-related matters, please use the dedicated sections on our contact form.
  • If you have questions about using Evernote effectively or need assistance with best practices, we encourage you to explore our Help and Learning articles or engage with our community in the Discussion Forums.


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