How to create a saved search

How to create a saved search
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How to create a saved search

If you have a search term or phrase that you use frequently, you can save it to Evernote. Saved searches are synced across all your devices.

Create a saved search

Windows: Select File > New Saved Search... from the menu bar or click the next to Saved searches in the left panel

Mac: Perform your search, then select Edit > Find > Save Search from the menu bar

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch: Perform your search, then tap the save search button (magnifying glass with + symbol on it)

Android: Perform your search, tap the three dots button, then tap Add to Home Screen. Note: Saved searches that are created on Android will not be synced across all of your devices. They will be available only on the Android device they are created on.

Use tags in a saved search

If you tag your notes, you can create saved searches to help you find notes based on those tags. Set up saved searches for the tags as a part of your search criteria. Tags can be combined with advanced search syntax to create very specific saved searches.


  • Notebook:"Current Projects" Tag:approval_pending design
  • Results in: Any notes in the "Current Projects" notebook with the word "design" and tagged as "approval_pending"

More about the difference between saved searches and tags

Use a saved search

Windows: Saved searches can be found in the left panel, below Tags.

Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac: Click or tap in the search box and your list of saved searches will appear. 

Save to shortcuts

In Evernote for Mac you can create a shortcut for your saved searches. Just click into your search bar to show your list of saved searches, then drag your search into the shortcuts bar.



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