How to redeem an Evernote Premium gift code

How to redeem an Evernote Premium gift code
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How to redeem an Evernote Premium gift code

January 2020: We are currently in the process of updating our payments system. When the new system is available for everyone, you will be able to manage your subscription with less confusion. During this transition, not all customers will see the same options when looking at their billing details.

If you're using the new payments system, you will see a new 'Billing' section in the left navigation menu. If you're using the older payments system, you will not see the new 'Billing' section.

Redeem your code

To redeem your code, visit our redemption page.

When you have successfully entered a valid code, you will receive Evernote Points which you can use towards a Premium subscription. If you currently have a paid subscription, you may have to wait until the end of your currently paid subscription period to redeem the points.

To learn more about earning and using Evernote Points, see How to earn and use Evernote Points.


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