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How Evernote Works

  • All of your content is stored in notes. You can store text, photos, PDFs, other file attachments, lists, and more.
  • Notes are organized into notebooks. You can create one notebook or several, and you can organize your notes into notebooks in any way that suits your needs.
  • Your content is synced with the Evernote servers and is available on all of your devices that you have Evernote installed on. Evernote is available on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and in any web browser.

Step One: Export from your service

  1. Sign into your service. Look for the Export option.
  2. Download your notes as one or more .zip files. Each zip file is a container that stores your notes.

Tip: If you organize notes by theme or folder, you'll probably want to put each set into a different notebook in Evernote. Export each of your sets as separate zip files so you can import and organize one batch of notes at a time.

Step Two: Import into Evernote

  1. Download Evernote onto your computer, create an Evernote account, and log in to Evernote. Note: You cannot import content into Evernote using a mobile device.
  2. Open and expand your .zip files into folders on your computer. Usually you can simply double-click on a .zip file to create a folder full of your notes.
  3. Import your notes. Learn how >>

The files you import should appear as individual notes in Evernote. It's possible that some photos and documents will not be attached after the import. If that happens, you can easily drag and drop the attachments right into their corresponding notes.

Step Three: Learn how to use Evernote

Here are some resources to help you get you started:

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us.



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