FAQ for Collaborative Editing Preview

FAQ for Collaborative Editing Preview
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FAQ for Collaborative Editing Preview

What is the collaborative editing preview and who has access to it?

The collaborative editing preview is part of the Evernote Early Access program, which gives selected customers the opportunity to test and provide feedback on new versions and features of Evernote before they become available to the general public.

The collaborative editing preview is available to selected members of the Early Access program and Evernote Teams accounts who have been enrolled by their Teams account admin. Participants will have received an email from Evernote with instructions on how to access the preview. You will know that the preview has been enabled on your Evernote account if you are using Evernote version 10.46+ on desktop and/or version 10.41+ on mobile, and you see a “PREVIEW” badge in the upper corner of the left sidebar.

How do I use collaborative editing?

This new feature allows you to work in a note with others at the same time and edit the note together, as long as all parties are in the collaborative editing preview.

To get started, simply create a note and share it with others on your team. Everyone who has edit access to the note and is using the collaborative editing preview version of the app will be able to edit it at the same time. While you’re in a shared note, you will see avatars and cursors of your team members who are in the note at the same time.

Can I use collaborative editing with Evernote users outside of my team/not in the preview?

To prevent potential issues or note conflicts, please do not share notes with other Evernote users who are not in the preview, as their version of Evernote does not yet support collaborative editing.

Why are some users on my Team seeing a “collaborative editing is disabled” message when trying to edit a shared note?

Collaborative editing is disabled when a user is editing the note using an older version of Evernote where collaborative editing is not supported. When this occurs, users on the preview version of Evernote can still edit the note. However, everyone’s changes will only be merged once the user on the older version of Evernote leaves that note.

The best way to avoid collaborative editing becoming disabled is to encourage your team to update to the latest version of Evernote, if they have not already.

When everyone you collaborate with is using the Preview version of Evernote to edit a note, it allows for a more seamless collaborative experience and ensures all edits are saved and merged in real-time.

Where can I share feedback or report bugs?

You can report issues and share your thoughts by taking our survey, which is also linked in the email sent from Evernote with information about the collaborative editing preview.

If I no longer want to be in the preview, can I opt out?

If you would like to be removed from the collaborative editing preview, please email your request to earlyaccess@evernote.com.