Add or Update tax information for your Personal or Professional subscription

By adding a reference number, you can choose to either add or update information to be included on your Evernote invoices.

You can add or update information, such as a Tax ID, VAT ID, purchase order, or any other identifier you wish to reference on your Evernote invoice. You can also regenerate existing invoices to include the updated information.

To add or update a reference number on your Evernote invoice:

  1. Log in to your account settings in Evernote Web.
  2. Select Billing from the left navigation menu.
  3. Next to Reference Number, select Add or Update.
  4. Enter the desired information, then click Confirm.
  5. In the Billing History section, select Regenerate next to the invoice for which you want to list the updated tax information.
  6. Click Continue. The process of regenerating the invoice may take a minute or so.
  7. Next to the updated invoice, click Invoice to download an updated copy.


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