What to do if notes are taking longer to load

If a note is taking longer to load when viewing or making edits, it may be due to a large note size.

Try the following options to see if they help:

Split the note into smaller notes: If your workflow permits, try breaking down your note into smaller notes. You can do this by removing sections from a large note and placing them into individual notes organized by topic. You can also use internal note links to connect these smaller notes together if desired. Learn more about internal note links

Attach Google Drive files: If you require notes with lots of text, try using our Evernote and Google Drive integration to attach Google docs, sheets, and slides. Learn how to attach Google Drive files to notes

If none of these suggestions help, please contact us.



  • slow
  • loading
  • taking long
  • lag
  • larger notes
  • longer to load


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