Evernote for Chromebook

Chromebook Optimization

The Evernote Android app is optimized for Chromebook devices, whether in laptop or tablet mode. This means more of your content is visible on Home, clearer and more intuitive menus, and an enhanced layout across the app for a more tailored experience.

While you can also access Evernote on a web browser, the Chromebook app provides an even wider array of options. Some of these include:

  • Offline access to notes
  • Audio recording
  • Sketch with a stylus
  • Passcode lock protection

The latest Evernote app for Chromebook can be installed from the Google Play Store, and is available on Android 11+.

Note: Users on Android 9 may still be able to use Evernote, but will not receive the latest app updates. To update to the new Evernote for Android, and also receive the latest optimized enhancements, we recommend updating to Android 11 if possible.


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