Evernote Teams account update walkthrough

When you update Evernote to the newest supported version, you will be prompted to go through a process which will split your team notes and individual notes into two separate accounts. A walkthrough of the update process is detailed below.

For a broad overview of updating your account, including frequently asked questions, visit Update your Evernote Teams account.

Step Action Screenshot
1 On the login screen, enter your current Evernote Teams login information. Evernote Business account update login screen
2 Click Continue on the welcome screen. Evernote Business account update welcome screen
3 Read and understand the changes that will occur with your Evernote Teams account, then click Separate individual & Teams. Evernote Business account update information screen
4 Select the account you would like to use with the email address shown, then click Continue.

Note: If you already have unique team and individual email addresses on file with your Evernote Teams account, you will skip Steps 5 and 6.
Evernote Business account update account selection screen
5 Enter a new email address for the account you did not select in the previous step, then click Continue.

Note: This email address cannot already be associated with an existing Evernote account.
Evernote Business account update email screen
6 If you don’t have another email address, or the one you have is already associated with an existing Evernote account, you can use a temporary login. To use a temporary login, check the box next to "Use temporary login" and click Continue.

Note: If you use a temporary login, please add an email address to this account as soon as possible to ensure you can receive important account emails.
Evernote Business account update temporary login screen
7 Verify that the correct email address is associated with each account. Confirm by clicking Yes, looks good.

Note: If you select No, start over, you will be taken back to the beginning of the account separation process.
Evernote Business account update verification screen
8 Set a password for your newly separated team account.

Note: The original password from Step 4 will remain with the newly separated individual account.
Evernote Business account update password screen
9 Updating your accounts could take a few minutes, but in some cases it could take longer. Feel free to close the window and come back later. Evernote Business account update updating screen
10 Click Continue to Evernote to be taken to your Evernote Teams account. Evernote Business account update confirmation screen



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