Manage calendar event notifications from Evernote

Example of calendar event notification from Evernote

When you have Evernote and Google Calendar connected, Evernote can remind you when it's time to take meeting notes, or open an existing note, so you never miss a detail.

Calendar event notifications give you a prompt shortly before your meetings, at the moment they start, or right after they end, so you’ll never forget to take notes or need to hunt down material you’ve prepared in advance.

  • Take better notes—Click or tap the notification to create a pre-formatted meeting note that automatically fills in details from your calendar, like name, date, and attendees.
  • Be ready for action—Instantly open an existing note connected to your meeting and find all your relevant info in one place, ready to go.
  • Get more done—Follow up, assign tasks, and capture next steps quickly and easily.

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Note: Connecting your calendar requires a Personal, Professional, or Teams subscription.

Manage calendar notification settings

By default, you will receive a notification on desktop and mobile devices where you have enabled notifications 5 minutes before a calendar event. To change this setting, click or tap on the More options button (three dots) in the top right of the calendar widget and select Calendar settings....

Calendar widget settings window

In the calendar settings window, you can choose whether to receive a notification before, at the start of, or after a calendar event. You can also choose to receive the notifications on desktop, mobile, or both. The "Remind me to take notes" is for calendar events that don't have any linked notes. The "Remind me to open notes" setting is for calendar events that already have a linked note.

Frequently asked questions

Which calendars will I receive notifications for?

You'll receive notifications from Evernote for events from your default calendar (the main calendar associated with that email address). If you have multiple Google accounts connected, you'll receive notifications for events from the default calendar of each account.

I set up calendar event notifications but didn’t receive a notification on my device. What happened?

There are a few things you can check if you aren't receiving notifications from Evernote:

  • Check that the event is scheduled at a specific time period. At this time, all-day events do not support calendar event notifications.
  • Check that you've enabled notifications on the specific device or web browser you're expecting to receive notifications from. To learn how, visit Enable notifications for Evernote.
  • Check that the calendar you're expecting to get notifications for is selected in your calendar widget. To check this, click or tap the More options button (three dots) and select Choose calendars....
  • Check that the calendar event you're expecting a notification for is included in your calendar widget. Evernote will only send reminder notifications for events that appear in the widget.



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