Manage calendar settings

Manage calendar settings
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Manage calendar settings

Calendar widget settings

To access your calendar settings, click or tap on the More options button (three dots) in the top right of the calendar widget and click or tap on Calendar settings....

Pre-formatted notes

A calendar event in a linked note

By default, notes created from the calendar widget will be pre-formatted with a template that includes the details of your calendar event. Sections for action items and notes are also included in the template, and can be rearranged or removed from the note. However, the template itself cannot be changed.

To disable pre-formatted notes and start with a blank note every time, switch the toggle to Disabled.

Calendar notifications (Coming soon)

Notifications to take or open notes related to calendar events are coming soon!

Manage accounts

Clicking or tapping on Manage accounts will take you to the "Connected Services" page of your account settings. Here you can connect or disconnect your Google Calendar account(s). To learn more, visit Add and remove Google accounts.

Frequently asked questions

How can I learn more about connecting to Google Calendar?

To learn more, visit Evernote + Google Calendar Overview.