What's new in Evernote for Android

Three screenshots from the new Evernote for Android


We’re excited to share the all-new Evernote app for Android. The new app provides significant updates and a more streamlined Evernote experience.

Some notable updates include:

  • Streamlined navigation. Redesigned from the ground up to be less cluttered and more intuitive.
  • Improved note editor. More control over headings and a standardized font selection means your notes will look the same everywhere.
  • New note button. Tap the button to create a new text note, or tap the arrow to quickly capture something more.
  • Faster search. See real-time suggestions as you type and narrow your search results with filters.

In addition, we’ve added a few new controls, such as the ability to toggle light and dark mode independent of your device settings and a view-only mode to prevent accidental edits to your notes.

To download the new version of Evernote, visit the Play Store on your Android device.

The new navigation menu in Evernote for Android

Streamlined navigation

The all-new navigation menu opens up from the left side so you can quickly access your notes, notebooks, shortcuts, tags, and more.

Improved note editor

The improved note editor gives you new formatting options, better readability, and more consistency in appearance across devices.

The new note editor in Evernote for Android

The new 'New note' button in Evernote for Android

New note button

The new note button allows you to quickly create a blank note, or select from a range of note types so you can get started right away.

Faster search

The new search, first introduced in Evernote Web, allows you to see real-time suggestions as you type and suggests related search results.

The new search in Evernote for Android

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the new app?

To download the new version of Evernote, visit the Play Store on your Android device. If you already have Evernote installed, simply update your app.

Why don't I see the update in the Play Store?

The updated app is being made available in the Play Store over the course of several weeks, so you may not have the option to update just yet. In addition, verify that you are on Android 10 or newer, as the new Evernote app does not yet support earlier versions of Android.

Why is the new Evernote for Android only available for Android 10 and newer?

Our top priority is providing you with the highest level of quality, speed, and reliability in our new apps. Therefore, we’re launching the new Evernote for Android first on devices with Android 10 and newer, and we’re working hard to get the app ready for Android 9 and older. While we work to bring the new Evernote to older versions of Android, we recommend updating to Android 10 if possible.

Can I manually update right away even if the update hasn’t rolled out to me yet?

We are unable to make the update available outside of the automated Play Store rollout. The update should be available to you in the near future.

How can I tell which version of the app I’m using?

A quick way to tell if you’re using the new Evernote app is to compare your app to the photos you see in this article. Notably, the new app has a slide-out navigation menu, only two icons at the bottom, and a new, larger "New note" button.

In addition, you can verify the version number by opening the navigation menu, tapping the Settings button (gear), and looking at the bottom of the Settings section. The new Evernote app is version 10.0.

What features are not yet available in the new app?

  • Multi-select
  • Password management support (1Password, Lastpass, etc.)
  • Save business cards to device contacts



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