Edit a table

Edit a table
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Edit a table

Table editing on Windows

The Evernote table editor allows you to customize the look and feel to draw attention to your most important thoughts.

Note: Available in Evernote for Mac, Windows, and Web.

Editing options

Add rows/columns

  • Hover over the gray dot between the rows or columns where you'd like to insert, then click the green plus sign.

Delete rows/columns

  • Select it by clicking the gray tab at the top of the column or to the left of the row, click the arrow button in any of the selected cells, then choose to delete the row or column.

Drag and drop rows/columns

  • Highlight an entire row or column by selecting the gray tab at the top of the column or to the left of the row. Once highlighted, click and drag to move its location in the table.

Change cell color

  • To change the background color of specific cells, entire rows or columns, or an entire table, highlight the cell, rows, or columns, then click the arrow button in any of the highlighted cells to choose a color.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I insert formulas or other spreadsheet functions into my table?

No. Tables in Evernote are optimized for the display, presentation, and visualization of information. Tables in Evernote are not optimized for manipulating data. If you use a spreadsheet program outside of Evernote, you can attach the file to your note to keep it in context with the rest of your notes.

Can I put a table inside of another table?

No. Nested tables are not supported.

Can I copy and paste content between cells?

Yes. You can copy one or more cells and paste them in another location in the table. The contents will stay in their respective cell locations, relative to where you pasted.

Can I merge and un-merge cells?

To merge cells, select multiple adjacent cells, then click the table menu button (arrow) to see the option to merge. To un-merge, click on a merged cell, click the table menu button (arrow), then un-merge.

Why don’t I see my entire table in the note window?

If a table extends beyond the width of a note, you will see a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the table. Drag along the scrollbar to see the table contents. The scrollbar allows you to keep all table formatting, including column sizes, without having to squeeze everything into the width of your note.

You can easily scroll horizontally by scrolling sideways on your mouse (Mac mouse), swiping left or right with two fingers (Mac trackpad), or holding the Shift key on your keyboard while scrolling with your mouse (Windows).

If you prefer to eliminate the horizontal scrolling altogether, select all the columns in the table, hover over a cell, click the table menu button (arrow), then click Match Note Width.

Why does my pasted table look different than expected?

Tables created in other applications (with the exception of those created in Microsoft Word and Excel) and pasted into Evernote won’t automatically be formatted like an Evernote table. You can upgrade the pasted table to look like an Evernote table by right-clicking on the table and selecting Upgrade Table.



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