Empty the Evernote Business trash

Empty the Evernote Business trash
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Empty the Evernote Business trash

The Evernote Business trash contains notes you've deleted from your own business notebooks, as well as notes deleted from business notebooks you are joined to. You can restore notes from the business trash, but only an account admin can empty notes from the business trash.

To permanently delete notes from the Evernote Business account, an account admin must do so from the admin console. Any notes that are deleted from the trash are permanently removed from the Evernote Business account and are unrecoverable, even by Evernote Support. Be careful to only delete notes you’re absolutely sure you won't ever need again.

Delete notes or empty the Evernote Business trash

To empty the business trash:

  1. Click Trash in the navigation bar of the admin console.
  2. Check the box to the left of the business notes you want to permanently delete.
  3. Click the Delete button. A confirmation dialog will be displayed.

To delete all of the business notes in the business trash, click the Empty Trash button.

All of the selected business notes will be permanently deleted. The deleted business notes will be removed from users' Evernote clients the next time the user syncs their account.



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