Include an Annotation Summary for annotated PDFs

Annotation Summary

An Annotation Summary makes it easier for you to review your PDF annotations. When included in a note, the Annotation Summary page is added as the first page of the PDF you have annotated. Annotation Summary is only available for PDFs and is not available in Evernote Web.

The Annotation Summary above displays the following information:

  • Annotation count: A running count of the number of times each type of annotation is used in a document.
    Annotation summary count
  • Snippet summary: Cropped areas of a PDF that show precisely where on a page each annotation appears. This makes it easy for others to quickly review and reference your ideas and comments, without having to search through the entire document.

    Annotation Summary


To include an Annotation Summary in a note, follow the steps for your operating system below.

  • Mac

    Select the Include Annotation Summary option while in PDF annotation view.

  • Windows

    Select Edit > Include Annotation Summary from the annotation window menu bar.

  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

    Select Include Summary from the options menu (three dots).

  • Android

    Tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and check Include Annotation Summary.



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