Early Access testing for Evernote Teams accounts

There are occasionally Evernote Teams features that are available for testing. We're always working to make improvements and add new capabilities, and your input helps us get it right.

As an early access tester, you'll have the opportunity to test and provide feedback on new versions and features before they become available to all of our Teams accounts. However, please understand that early access features and functionality are being tested in a real-world environment and that can sometimes mean the occasional bug or two, but your feedback will help us build a better Evernote.

How to participate

Evernote Teams account admins can contact us at earlyaccess@evernote.com for more information. We will get in touch when there are Teams-specific features to test.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Evernote Early Access Program?

The Evernote Early Access Program is designed to give customers the opportunity to test and provide feedback on new Evernote features or products before a general release. When you join the program, you may be asked to test specific features and functionality in a real-world environment so you can provide feedback. Participation is optional and you can leave the program at any time.

Does my team receive compensation for joining the program or testing your products?

No. There is no compensation for participation.

Are early access features confidential?

Yes. All of the functionality you access through our program is confidential information. This means you may not reveal anything to anyone else, such as through blog posts, Twitter, or other such public postings. Please do not discuss the features with or demonstrate it to others who are not in the Evernote Early Access Program. Also, do not install the early access version of the app on any systems you don't directly control or that you share with others. If Evernote publicly discloses technical information about the early access version, it is no longer considered confidential.

How will Evernote contact me?

We will contact Evernote Teams account admins at the email address they used to contact us with. When appropriate, we will contact account users at the email addresses associated with their Teams accounts.

How do I provide feedback?

For most early access testing, we will ask for your feedback in surveys sent to you via email. Occasionally, you may also have the ability to leave feedback directly within the app or to engage with other testers in a closed, private forum.

How do I leave the program?

To leave a particular beta, please email your request to earlyaccess@evernote.com.



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