How to join the Evernote Beta Program

How to join the Evernote Beta Program
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How to join the Evernote Beta Program


We’d like your help shaping the future of Evernote. We’re always working to make improvements and add new capabilities, and your input helps us get it right.

As a beta tester you’ll have the opportunity to test and provide feedback on new versions of Evernote before they become available to the general public. However, please understand that beta features and functionality are being tested in a real-world environment and that can sometimes mean the occasional bug or two, but your feedback will help us build a better Evernote.

Join the beta program

The Evernote Beta Program is open to all customers with personal Evernote accounts. Please note that not all participants in the beta program will have access to all of the betas. The devices you use, how you use Evernote, and how often you use Evernote will help us determine which betas you may be asked to participate in.

To join the beta program:

  1. Go to in your web browser.
  2. Fill out the form on the page.
  3. Click Join Now.

Note: Evernote Business customers aren't eligible for this beta program. However, there are occasionally Evernote Business features that are available for beta testing outside of this program. Evernote Business account admins can contact us at for more information.