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When you update your Evernote Teams account, you'll have access to our newest features, including:

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Older Evernote Teams accounts allow customers to keep both team notes and individual notes in the same account. Newer Evernote Teams accounts are designed only for team notes.

If you have an older Evernote Teams account, we have an account update for you which will split your team notes and your individual notes into two separate accounts.

You'll know you have an older Evernote Teams account if:

  • It was created before September 15, 2017.
  • You use one email address to log in to both team and individual notes.
  • You have separate team and individual sections in the same account.

Check out this video to learn more about the update process, get answers to a few top questions, and discover additional support resources.

Please see the FAQ below for more information about the account update. If you have additional questions or need help, please contact us.

Update process

For a detailed walkthrough of the update process, including screenshots, visit Evernote Teams account update walkthrough.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the update process?

The update will split your team notes and individual notes into two separate Evernote accounts. The process simply involves assigning unique email addresses for each of the two accounts. After you complete the update, you’ll be signed out of your Evernote account anywhere you're currently signed in and will need to sign back in.

Can I perform the account update on my computer?

Yes. The account update can be completed on either a mobile device or a desktop device.

Why am I being asked to assign separate team and individual email addresses?

While historically you’ve been able to log in to Evernote Teams with one email address and see both individual and team notes, this update will put your individual and team notes into separate accounts. Therefore, each account needs a unique email address for login purposes.

I already have a separate Evernote account. Can I use that email address?

No. The email address you assign should not be associated with any other existing Evernote accounts you have. If you do not have another email address to use, please consider creating one from a free email provider of your choice.

If this will leave you with two individual accounts, you can merge the contents of these accounts after the update. See Merge the contents of two Evernote accounts.

What if I have team notes in my individual notebooks?

To ensure a smooth transition, you should go through your account and begin moving relevant notes and notebooks to either your individual side or team side. However, even if you don’t do this, you can always move notes from individual to teams after the update. See Move notes from an individual account to a Teams account.

I don’t have anything important in my individual account. Can I just close it?

To get through the update process, you must assign an email address to your individual account. You may then deactivate the unwanted individual account after the update. See Deactivate your Evernote account.

What happens to my existing integrations and workflows?

All of your existing integrations and workflows will continue to work. However, you’ll be signed out of your Evernote account anywhere you're currently signed in and will need to sign back in after the update is complete.

Features like emailing into Evernote will not change, but you will now have unique @m.evernote.com email addresses for each account. Be sure to note which unique email address belongs to which account. If you specify a notebook you’d like to save an email to using the at (@) symbol and notebook name, (such as @travel), double-check that notebook exists in the account you are forwarding the email to.

What happens to content in Work Chat and Shared with Me?

Heads up! Starting October 2023, we are retiring Work Chat from Evernote. Learn more.

All existing Work Chat messages prior to the account update will only be visible in the individual account. Notes and notebooks from an individual account that were shared prior to the account update will be accessible in the "Shared with me" section of your individual account. Team notes and notebooks shared with you will be accessible in the "Shared with me" section of your team account. You must be signed in to your team account to view links to team content.

Going forward, Work Chat will only show your direct messages, and shared notes and notebooks will appear in "Shared with Me" in their respective accounts.

How do I add my team account if my team uses single sign-on (SSO)?

To add your account:

  1. Make sure you are signed in to your individual account.
  2. In the account dropdown menu, select Add another account.
  3. Sign in using single sign-on with your team account email address.

Can I still quickly switch between my Teams account and my individual account?

Yes. You can easily switch between them without having to sign out and sign back in each time. When you switch from one account to another, the Evernote app screen reloads and displays the other account with all of its notes and notebooks.

For instructions, see How to add and switch between multiple accounts in Evernote.

Will this update affect my ability to use Evernote on any other platforms?

No. However, updating your Evernote Teams account will sign you out of anywhere you're currently signed in. You will still be able to use these apps, but you will need to sign back in to each account after the update is complete.

Will I lose Premium or Personal features on my individual account?

You will receive a free Evernote Personal subscription as long as your team has an active Evernote Teams subscription. During the first billing period of your account update, your separated individual account will automatically be upgraded to Personal. Each time your Evernote Teams subscription is renewed, your individual Personal account will be automatically renewed as well.

What if I have additional questions or need help?

Contact us.



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