What to do if your content is missing

Please find troubleshooting steps below that should help you locate your content. Select the option that best describes your situation.

  • All of your Notes are Missing

    Follow these steps if you can no longer locate any notes in your account.

    • What e-mail address are you using to access your account? Is it possible that you have multiple Evernote accounts linked to different e-mail addresses? Try accessing other accounts you may have.
    • If you remember your Evernote username, try accessing your account using it, as it might redirect you to your primary Evernote account, where all your content is stored.
    • If you're using a Gmail address for Evernote, please note that while Gmail doesn't differentiate the following differences:
      • Emails with dots in their names and those without them. For example, emails directed to ever.note@gmail.com or evernote@gmail.com would be sent to the same address
      • Same for the email suffix (@gmail.com versus @googlemail.com)

      Our system does. Please make sure to check all possible Gmail address combinations you might have used to register an account with Evernote.

    • If you have an Apple device, please keep in mind it's possible you might have created an account on Evernote by logging in with Apple and enabling the Hide My Email option that Apple offers. This hides the real email address to preserve privacy. Since we have no means to identify that email address, we'll need you to retrieve it by taking a look at the complete list of the automatically generated email addresses associated with the services you enabled this option for. You can do so by tapping on Settings (from mobile) or System Preferences (from PC) > iCloud > Hide My Email and selecting Evernote. Once you find it, please copy the email address and paste it into the reply to this email. As a heads up, it should look like this: ----------@privaterelay.appleid.com.


    If you continue to encounter issues finding your notes, please contact us and provide the following information:

    • The outcome of each step outlined above
    • All the e-mail addresses you have, even if you think it's unlikely they're linked to an Evernote account
    • Your Evernote username or User ID, in case you're aware of it
    • In case you have or had a paid subscription, please also provide the following:
      • The receipt that details your Evernote subscription purchase. You should be able to find it in your email.
      • The payment method you used (e.g. Credit card, PayPal, iTunes, Google Play). If it's a credit card, please send us the first 6 digits, amount, payment date and the full name on the card.
    • Your Apple Private Relay email
    • Other possible combinations of your Google address
    • Your activity logs
    • The approximate date and time on which the issue occurred
  • Some of your Notes/Content is Missing

    Follow the below-outlined steps if:

    • Some of your notes are missing
    • A part of your notes are missing, whether it's missing from a single or multiple notes
    • Your attachments are missing
    • In any other case, where your account isn't entirely empty


    Complete the following steps to locate your content:

    • Sign out, restart your device, and sign back in
    • Update Evernote to its latest version
    • If you can't find a note, try sorting all your notes alphabetically by title, as this could be a Search issue
    • Verify if your content is in the trash
    • Access the note's history to restore a previous version of your content
    • If your content is visible in Evernote Web, this could be a Sync issue
    • Look for duplicates of your notes using this search ‘intitle:[notetitle]’
    • If the note is shared, the owner may help retrieve the missing content.


    If you continue to encounter issues finding your content, please contact us and provide the following information:

    1. Your activity logs
    2. The approximate date and time on which the issue occurred
    3. If part of a note is missing, the note id (open the note > click or tap on the three-dot icon > Copy internal link > paste the link in your reply).
    4. If the entire note is missing, the note title. 
    5. If attachments are missing, specify the device on which the notes were created, how the attachments were added to the notes (copy-pasting, drag and drop, upload), and indicate when they stopped showing. 


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