How to create ink notes in Evernote for Windows

How to create ink notes in Evernote for Windows
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How to create ink notes in Evernote for Windows

Ink notes in Evernote Windows

What are ink notes?

Ink notes are specially formatted for drawing and handwriting. They are ideal for taking notes on touch screen devices using your finger or a stylus. Use them to jot down important information, create sketches, or any time you need to draw or write directly into a note.

Ink notes can be viewed using Evernote on any device, but can only be created and edited using Evernote for Windows. Ink notes cannot be merged.

Create a new Ink note

To create a new ink note, select File > New Note > New Ink Note from the menu bar.

Creating a new Ink Note


Explore the ink note toolbar

Ink note toolbar

Ink notes have their own toolbar with options to customize and format your handwritten notes.

  • Snap-to-Shape toolSnap-to-Shape: "Snaps" freehand drawings into precise lines and shapes.
  • Pencil toolPencil: Write and draw freehandwith a circular tip.
  • Pen toolPen: Write and draw freehandwith an angled tip.
  • Cutter toolCutter: Delete lines or objects.
  • Selector toolSelector: Select objects to be scaled, stretched, moved, or deleted.
  • Stroke widthStroke Width: Choose the size of your pen, pencil, and cutter tools.
  • Stroke colorStroke Color: Choose the color of the ink.
  • Paper colorPaper Color: Choose the color of the background and rule lines. For a blank white background, select white for both Paper Color and Paper Grid.



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