What's new in Evernote Business?

What's new in Evernote Business?
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What's new in Evernote Business?

Spaces is a brand new Evernote Business experience on Evernote for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and the new Evernote Web (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera). Topics in this article include:

What’s New?

Spaces overview in Evernote Web

Work better together

Spaces are the simplest way for teams to share and organize information so they can stay in sync and work better together. You can create a space for a project, team, or topic; fill it with notes and notebooks; and share it with your team. Everyone on the team can see what has been shared with them in a space, locate the information they need, and collaborate easily to get the job done. Learn more >>

Stay up to date

Spaces are designed to help you and your team stay updated without having to directly email or message each other back and forth. Each space conveniently displays all recently created and updated notes, along with notes that have been pinned in that space for quick access.

Tap into your team's knowledge

Space Directory is a list of all spaces that are visible to the business. You can easily tap into the knowledge and information in your business by browsing and accessing shared spaces. Learn more >>

What’s Changed?

Business Home

With the launch of Spaces and the Space Directory, we are changing some aspects of the business home and the ability to publish business notebooks.

First, we are removing the "Business Summary" and "People" tabs of the business home. What remains is an index of all published business notebooks. You can access the list of published business notebooks from the upper right corner of the notebooks panel.

Second, businesses with no published notebooks will not be able to publish any notebooks going forward. We hope that this change will not impact businesses who have chosen not to use this feature, while minimizing the disruption to those who do.

Note: If your business has published notebooks, you will retain the ability to publish notebooks. However, if, for any reason, the business unpublishes all notebooks (bringing the published notebook count to zero), you may lose the ability to publish notebooks anymore.


We are updating the pricing for new Evernote Business accounts in some markets to reflect the investment and innovation we put into improving the Evernote Business experience. This will enable Evernote to keep building robust new features like Spaces, that’ll greatly improve how teams work together. Active Evernote Business accounts will not be affected by this change, including when they add new members to their team. Learn more >>

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I create spaces for my personal notes and notebooks?

No. Spaces are currently an Evernote Business feature.

How are spaces different than notebooks?

Notebooks let you organize and share a single set of content. Spaces are a more powerful method for organizing and collaborating with your team around a project or multiple sets of content, which may span multiple notebooks.

  • A space can contain both notebooks and individual notes, allowing you to better organize large amounts of content
  • A space helps keep track of what your team is working on by highlighting what’s new and pinned notes

How are spaces different than stacks?

Stacks are for you to create a personalized organization of your notebooks, whereas spaces are for your team to organize in the same consistent way, so you can stay on one page and find shared content easily.

No one else can see your stacks, you can’t share them, and different users can put the same notebooks in different stacks. Spaces are seen by all of your invited team members, and notes and notebooks can only belong in a single space. You can easily share all of the space’s contents by adding a team member to the space. Contrary to stacks, spaces can also contain individual notes.

Who can see the contents of a space?

People who have been invited to the space can view its contents. Depending on their permission level, they may also be able to edit the space’s contents (notes and notebooks) and invite other team members to the space. In addition, account admins can view a list of all spaces, even those that are not shared, in the admin console. Admins can join any space from the admin console to view its content.

Can I put items others have shared with me in a space?

Yes, if you have permission to move them.

How do I delete a space?

You can remove any space from your personal view by leaving the space. If you leave a space, you will no longer have access to the content within it. Only account admins can delete a space from the entire Evernote Business account using the admin console. Note that deleting a space from the admin console will also permanently delete all of the content within that space. To prevent this, move any content you want to save to another space before deleting it.

Does everyone in a space automatically have permissions for every notebook within that space?

Yes. Members of a space will receive the same permissions of all the contents in the space. In cases where an individual was shared notebooks or notes at greater permissions than the overall space’s permissions, they will retain the greater permissions on those items.

Can you be part of a space without joining all the notebooks within it?


Can a note or notebook be in more than one space?


Why aren’t my 'What's new' and 'Pinned notes' loading?

You must be connected to the internet to see what's new and pinned notes.


Why is Evernote increasing the price for Evernote Business?

We are always optimizing and evaluating the prices of our various products and this change is a part of that optimization. Note that, at this time, only the following currencies are impacted: USD, CHF, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, NZD.

Who will be impacted by the price change?

New accounts joining Evernote Business after the launch of Spaces may see a higher price per user. If a free trial was initiated prior to this date and was in progress at the time of the price change, the account will be grandfathered in at the pre-increase price at this time.

I already have an Evernote Business account. Will my price increase when my subscription renews?

Active Evernote Business accounts are currently unaffected by the pricing change. There are no current plans to change pricing for active Evernote Business accounts.

If I add seats to my existing account, what price will I be charged for new users?

If you have an active Evernote Business account that was started prior to the price increase, any new seats you add to your account will be grandfathered in at the price you are paying prior to the increase.

My company’s account has been in a deactivated state. What price will I be charged if I reactivate the account?

If you reactivate your account prior to June 1, 2018, you will be grandfathered in at the pre-increase price.



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