What types of notes can I add to a space?

What types of notes can I add to a space?
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What types of notes can I add to a space?

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Spaces, in Evernote Business, are designed to help you collect related notes and notebooks together in one place. What you and your teams decide to put into a space depends on how you work and what you want to achieve.

Start by creating notes. A note is exactly what it sounds like: a document to capture thoughts and ideas. Notes in Evernote are special because they are not limited to just text. You can also add checklists, tables, attachments, audio recordings, annotated PDFs, and more. 


5 ideas to get you started:


1. Create to-do lists

Add checkboxes to lists to keep track of project tasks, teams, and timelines.

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2. Organize with tables

Format text and images into rows and columns to present data in a clear, visual way. Use the table editing tools to easily customize the look and feel of the table and draw attention to important ideas and concepts.

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3. Attach photos and files

A note can handle just about any sort of attachment, including docs, PDFs, photos, videos, and audio. Once saved to Evernote, images are searchable.

Try adding:

  • Excel sheets and slide decks
  • Contracts and legal documents
  • Visual assets
  • Photos of whiteboards and handwritten notes
  • Scanned receipts and business cards

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4. Record audio

Attach existing audio files of recorded interviews, music clips, or audio notes. Record new audio clips directly into Evernote (Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android).

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5. Annotate images and PDFs

Communicate ideas and share feedback with your team. Annotate images and PDFs with text, arrows, and highlights. Available on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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