What to do if you get an error while trying to pay via credit card

If your payment failed or you face an error message when entering your credit card details, please make sure:

  • You entered the correct credit card details: make sure you entered the correct card number, CVV and expiration date.
  • Your card isn't expired
  • Your card is is suitable for online payments
  • Your card has sufficient funds to complete the payment.
  • Your card's currency matches the one we have on file with your Evernote account. You may check this out in your Account Settings.

If your payment fails, don't worry. Our system is designed to automatically retry the payment within 4 business days, for up to 7 attempts. During this period, the payment is "in Retry" status. It's important to note that while in this status, we are unable to manually intervene to expedite the payment process.

Rest assured, the system will initiate the payment retry process on its own, and you will be notified of any further attempts or errors encountered during this period.

In the event that we encounter another error while processing the payment retry, you will receive a notification informing you of the issue.


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