In April 2024, we released a series of exciting new Spring promotions, offering free users a great deal on an Evernote Personal plan.

This article is to ensure that everyone has access to all the necessary information to take advantage of this offer.

Who is eligible?

These promotional offers are available to users who currently have an Evernote Free subscription. They can’t be applied to ongoing paid subscriptions or upcoming renewals.

How can I apply this promotion to my purchase?

If you qualify for the promotion, please make sure to follow the provided link or button and carefully follow the on-screen instructions. Keep in mind that the promotion you wish to redeem might be linked to the particular device or platform you used to access Evernote.

I accidentally closed the page before completing the purchase. Can Evernote send me the promotion again?

We’re unable to send custom discount links or apply promotions retroactively if the offer page is closed before completing the purchase. Additionally, please keep in mind that the promotions displayed may vary—we are not able to recreate specific discount conditions.


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