If all of your notes are missing, it's likely that you logged in using an email address that is not related to your primary Evernote account.


How to find your primary Evernote account where all your content is stored:

1. Try using your Evernote username to log in.

2. Consider all other email addresses you have and try logging in on the sign-in page using each of them.


If one of the emails was recognized but you received a message stating that the password is incorrect, please try submitting as many passwords as you remember or request a password reset link.


If you've attempted to log in using each of the emails you have, and all attempts have redirected you to a message stating that there is no such account, please contact us by selecting the Accounts and Login form option and provide the following information:

  1. All email addresses you have and the outcome of trying to access your Evernote account linked to these emails.
  2. If you have or had a paid subscription in the past, please also provide the following information:
  • The receipt detailing your Evernote subscription purchase.
  • The payment method you used (e.g., credit card, PayPal, iTunes, Google Play). If it's a credit card, send us the amount, payment date, and the full name on the card.

Please note that it is mandatory to include all the above details in your first message to the Support team.


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