What to do if you lost access to your account login email address

Evernote uses an email address, rather than a username, to uniquely identify you as an account holder. When you first register in Evernote, you’re asked to provide an email address. This email is what you will use to log in to your Evernote account and can be changed in your account settings. 

If you no longer have access to the account login email address, we recommend that you change your account login email address. Keep in mind that you will need your Evernote password to make this change.

If you no longer have access to the account login email address and you don’t remember your Evernote password, you should first regain access to the email address by following these steps:


  1. Visit the account recovery page for your email provider. Here are some common ones:

2. Enter the email address you're trying to recover.

3. Follow the prompts to verify your identity. If you encounter any difficulties during the email recovery process, please find assistance through the support section of your email provider's website.


Once you manage to regain access to your email address, you will be able to retrieve your Evernote account's password by clicking on "Forgot Password?" and following the steps to reset it.

For security reasons, Evernote is unable to give you access to the account if you cannot access your account login email address.


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