Note and notebook limits in Evernote Free — December 2023


As of December 4, new and existing Evernote Free users have a maximum of fifty notes and one notebook per account. 


I’m an existing Evernote Free user with more than fifty notes and one notebook. What will happen to my data?

In keeping with Evernote’s 3 Laws of Data Protection, and to ensure that all users retain full ownership of their data, any Free user who currently has more than fifty notes and one notebook will still be able to view, edit, export, share, and delete existing notes and notebooks. 

How do I know how many notes I have?

You can see your current note count in the Notes section of the app. Once a Free user has reached fifty notes, they will be notified that they have no more free notes remaining.

If I hit the limit, can I delete existing notes in order to create new ones?

Yes—if a user chooses to delete unwanted notes, they can continue to create new ones providing that they remain below the fifty-note threshold. Just remember that the notes in your Trash count towards the fifty-note limit: you can easily empty the Trash by following these steps.

Can I receive shared notes if I’m at, or past, the note limit?

Yes—you will see shared notes appear in the Shared with Me section of the app. If you are at, or past, the limit, you will not be able to move the notes out of Shared with Me. You will still be able to freely share your own notes with others.


I have fewer than fifty notes in total, but they’re spread across multiple notebooks. How can I combine them into one notebook to fall within the limits?

There are a handful of ways to do this, but the simplest is the following: 

  1. Delete all excess notebooks (keeping just one), which will move all the content into your Trash.
  2. Go to Trash, open a note, and follow these steps to restore it. The restored note will automatically be moved into your remaining notebook.

Why did Evernote introduce this change?

We’re changing how Evernote’s core benefits are distributed between free and paid tiers, with the ability to create unlimited notes and notebooks becoming a benefit for paying customers. 

Will Evernote Free continue to exist?

Yes—Evernote Free will continue to be available for users who wish to explore Evernote before subscribing, or who are satisfied with Free’s more basic features. We encourage you to visit our Compare Plans page to see how benefits and features are distributed across tiers. You can also check system limits in this article.

How do I get access to more notes and notebooks?

If you’re a Free user who’s interested in adding more than fifty notes and one notebook to your account, we recommend switching to a paid subscription. You can upgrade your account at any time. Becoming a Personal customer will give you the chance to explore Evernote’s full potential and support its future development. There are exciting plans in store for Evernote, and we’d love for you to experience them.

If you have any additional questions about this change or the currently available plans, please don't hesitate to contact our Support team anytime.


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