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Evernote lives on a modern, cloud infrastructure powered by Google Cloud Platform. With Google Cloud Platform, Evernote benefits from improvements in performance, security, efficiency, and scalability, giving us the ability to focus our time and resources on the things that matter most: building the best home for your notes and giving you the tools to use them more effectively.


Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What does being "in the cloud" mean?

Being "in the cloud" means that we are not managing and maintaining our own physical data centers, and instead renting servers (“cloud” space) from Google to provide similar functionality.


Since Evernote is on Google Cloud Platform, can I sign in to Evernote using my Gmail or Google Apps login info?

Unrelated to Google Cloud Platform, you can use Google Sign-in to sign in to your existing Evernote account or create a new Evernote account. However, having a Google account is not required and you can still sign in to Evernote using your Evernote login information.


Am I able to view Evernote notes from within any Google products?

No. We do not have any integrations that allow you to view Evernote notes from within Google products at this time.



My Data

Where is my data stored?

Your Evernote data is stored in two separate data centers located on the west coast and in the central region of the United States. Note: This applies only to the Evernote service, not the Yinxiang Biji service.


How can I be assured that my data is safe in the cloud?

The Evernote security team has performed an extensive security review of both Google’s internal security practices and of Google Cloud Platform. We are confident that the security controls of this service meet or exceed our security standards.

Learn more about the security philosophy of the Google Cloud Platform


Is Google able to index my notes or use them for targeted advertising?

No. As a cloud provider, Google is subject to strict security and legal obligations which limit Google’s access to Evernote data. The data you put into Evernote belongs to you. Google will not process data for any purpose other than to fulfill our contractual obligations.


Who owns my notes—Evernote, Google, or me?

As always, our 3 Laws of Data Protection state that your notes are yours—they are not owned by Evernote or Google.


What are my options if I don’t want my notes stored on Google Cloud Platform?

You retain the right to migrate your notes to another service. We hold fast to our commitment to ensure you that your data is yours and you can do with it what you wish.



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