Evernote Web Quick Tour

Diagram of Evernote Web interface


The sidebar is where you can navigate around your Evernote account and access your account settings.

    • Search notes: Search your notes for keywords, locations, tags, and more.
    • New Note: Create a new text note in the current notebook.
    • Shortcuts: Access your favorite notes, notebooks, or tags quickly.
    • All Notes: Display all notes from all notebooks in the note list.
    • Notebooks: Display all notebooks.
    • Shared with Me: View all notes and notebooks that have been shared with you.
    • Tags: Display all tags.
    • Trash: Display all notes that have been deleted.
    •    Collapse: Collapse the sidebar.
    •    Expand: Expand the sidebar.


Editing Toolbar

The editing toolbar appears automatically when you’re actively editing a note in the note panel. You can manually show it by clicking anywhere inside the note panel.

    • Notebooks: Move this note to a different notebook.
    • Code Block: Display text, such as programming code, inside a gray box to separate it from the rest of your notes.
    • Insert link: Insert a link into this note.
    • Attach file: Attach a file to this note from your computer, such as a PDF, Word document, or image.
    • More: Access additional note options, such as superscript or subscript.





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