Welcome to Evernote for Android

Welcome to Evernote for Android
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Welcome to Evernote for Android

Evernote for Android Quick Tour



Navigation Menu

The navigation menu, also referred to as the side navigation bar, provides quick access to all your notes. Slide this menu out with a simple swipe of your fingers from the left side of your tablet.

  • Account Info IconAccount Info: Tap on your profile picture to view and edit profile name and photo. Tap on the profile name to view and customize your account info.
  • Work Chat IconWork Chat: Discuss notes and notebooks you've shared with others.
  • Notes IconAll Notes: Display all the notes in your account as a list. Select a note to view and edit it. Evernote Business accounts give you the option of displaying 'Personal' and 'Business' notes as separate lists.
  • Notebook IconNotebooks: Display a list all the notebooks in your account, including those you've created and those that have been shared with you. Select a notebook to view and edit it. Evernote Business accounts give you the option of displaying 'Personal' and 'Business' notebooks as separate lists.
  • Tag IconTags: Display a list of all the tags in your account. Select a tag to view all the notes associated to that tag. In this way, the tag serves as a quick way to find what you're looking for.
  • Delete IconTrash: View all the notes you've deleted. To permanently remove these notes from your account, tap the vertical dots for more options and select 'Empty trash'. Note: You also have the option to restores any notes in the trash.
  • Sync IconSync: Manually sync your Evernote account to the Evernote service. Note: Evernote automatically syncs regularly, so using this button is optional.


Note List

The note list displays all the notes in your account, in a selected notebook, or all the notes that match your search results. To move, delete, or share multiple notes, long press on two or more notes and select from the available options.

  • Floating Plus ButtonAdd new: Add text, handwriting, attachments, photos, and other media as a new note into a selected notebook. You can customize these plus (+) button options by long pressing on the plus button, or from your 'Notes' settings.
  • Work Chat IconWork Chat: Share the selected note or notebook or start a discussion about it.
  • Search IconSearch notes: Use keywords, locations, and tags to search for notes. Evernote searches the titles and contents of your notes, as well as text inside images attached to notes. Note: Paid subscribers can also search text inside attached files, documents, and PDFs.
  • More IconMore options: Access additional note list options, such as adding the notebook to the home screen, adding a notebook to shortcuts, and changing the way notes are sorted.



View and edit notes and note details. Use notebooks and tags to organize your notes so they're easier to find.

  • Floating Edit ButtonEdit Note: Switch to note editing mode. You can also edit a note by double tapping anywhere inside the note.
  • Notebook IconActive Notebook: Display the name of the notebook the current note belongs to. Tap to view a list of all the notebooks you can move the note to.
  • Reminders IconReminder: Set an alarm to notify you when you need to take some sort of action related to the note or to-do items in a list. Notes with reminders are pinned to the top of the note list for easy access.
  • Tag IconTag: Add and edit tags associated with a note.
  • Info IconInfo: View details about a note, such as date the note was updated and created. Move the note to a different notebook, edit associated tags, and add location info.
  • Share IconShare: Share a note via email or Work Chat.
  • More Options IconMore options: Select from additional options, such as sharing notes as links (URLs), saving attachments to your device, and adding your note as a shortcut.


Editing Toolbar

The editing toolbar appears when you're actively editing a note in the note panel. Switch to note editing mode by tapping the green circle with a pencil. From the editing toolbar, you can change text formats, attach media and files to the note, and select from various note sharing options.

  • xxxText formatting tools: Launch the text formatting toolbar to change the way note text appears.
  • Attachment IconAttachments: Select from a variety of attachments and media to add to a note. Attach images, audio recordings, hand-drawn sketches, or files from your device to a note.
  • More Options IconMore options: Access additional note editing options, such as deleting notes, undoing recent changes, sharing notes as links (URLs), and saving attachments locally, to your device.