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Diagram of Evernote for Android interface

Navigation menu

The navigation menu slides out from the left side of the app when you tap the three horizontal lines in the bottom left corner of the app.

  • Account: Tap your name to access your account details, such as monthly upload, devices, and Evernote email address. You can also add an Evernote Teams account to quickly switch between the two.
  • Settings: Tap the gear at the right corner of the menu to access app settings.
  • All Notes: View the note list for all notes.
  • Shortcuts: View shortcuts.
  • Notebooks: View the notebook list.
  • Spaces: View spaces. (Evernote Teams only)
  • Shared with Me: View notes and notebooks that have been shared with you.
  • Tags: View tags.
  • Reminders: View notes with reminders.
  • Trash: View deleted notes.
  • Send feedback: Share product feedback.

Note Options

Tap the left (larger) side of the New note button to create a new note. Tap the arrow on the right side of the button to access additional quick note options.

  • Add a reminder: Immediately create a reminder with a new note.
  • Record audio: Immediately begin recording audio into a new note.
  • Start sketching: Immediately open the sketch window in a new note.
  • Add attachment: Immediately access your device's file picker to add an attachment to a new note
  • Take photo: Immediately open the camera in Evernote to take a photo.
  • Scan document: Immediately open the camera in Evernote to scan a document.
  • Blank note: Create a new note.

Diagram of Evernote for Android interface


The toolbar is located at the top of the note.

  • Back: Return to the note list.
  • Share: Share the note within Evernote, using a shareable link, or using your device's share actions.
  • Add tags: Add tags to the note.
  • More actions: Access more actions as described in the section below.


The keyboard is visible when you are editing a note. If you have edit protection on, tap Edit at the bottom of the note to enter edit mode and view the keyboard.

  • Insert: Insert a photo, attachment, image, link, table, divider, audio recording, checkbox, code block, or sketch.
  • Formatting: Access the formatting toolbar as described in the section below.
  • Font formatting: Apply bold, italics, or underline to selected text.
  • Lists: Select a list option: checklist, bullet list, or numbered list.
  • Indent: Indent text right or left.

More Actions

The More actions menu is accessible by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner of the note.

  • Share note: Share the note.
  • Find in note: Perform a search within the note body.
  • Add tag: Add a tag.
  • Add reminder: Add a reminder.
  • Add to shortcuts: Add the note to your shortcuts.
  • Note info: Access additional note information, such as created date, updated data, note size, and word and character counts.
  • Copy internal link: Create and copy a link to the note for use within Evernote.
  • Move note: Move the note to a different notebook.
  • Duplicate note: Make a copy of the note.
  • Save as template: Save a version of the note to your template gallery. (Premium, Personal, Professional, and Teams only)
  • Delete note: Move a note to the trash.

Formatting Toolbar

The formatting toolbar appears when you tap the Aa button on the keyboard.

  • Text type: Set the text to pre-formatted options, such as normal text or various size headers.
  • Font size: Select a font size.
  • Font style: Select a font style.
  • Font color: Select a font color.
  • Highlighter color: Select a highlighter color.
  • Font formatting: Apply bold, italics, or underline to selected text.
  • Paragraph justification: Left-align, right-align, or center the text.
  • Strikethrough: Draw a line through the text.
  • Superscript: Smaller size than the preceding text and above the baseline.
  • Subscript: Smaller size than the preceding text and below the baseline.
  • Link: Create a hyperlink.
  • Remove formatting: Remove all formatting that has been applied to the selected text.



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