Learn about the Evernote for Mac app

Diagram of Evernote for Mac interface

Navigation menu

The navigation menu is the panel located on the left side of the app.

  • Account: Click your name to view the account dropdown. Quickly switch between multiple accounts or sign out of your current account.
  • Search: Perform a search or view recent and suggested searches.
  • New Note: Click the left (larger) side of the button to create a new note. Click the arrow on the right side of the button to access templates.
  • Shortcuts: View shortcuts.
  • All Notes: View the note list for all notes.
  • Notebooks: View the notebook list.
  • Shared with Me: View notes and notebooks that have been shared with you.
  • Tags: View tags.
  • Trash: View deleted notes.
  • Need a little help?: Get quick access to Evernote Help & Learning and the latest release notes.

Note List

The note list is the middle panel of the app.

  • Sort options: Sort the list by title, date updated, or date created.
  • Add filters: Filter the list by items such as reminders, tags, and more.
  • View options: Select a list layout.

Note View

The note view is what you see when you open a note. It is sometimes known as the note panel.

  • Expand note: Hide the note list panel to reveal a larger note panel.
  • Go to notebook: Go to the notebook containing the open note.
  • Move note: Move the open note to a different notebook.
  • Share: Share the note within Evernote or using a shareable link.
  • More actions: Access additional note actions, such as duplicate a note, edit tags, copy internal note link, export, move to trash, and more.
  • Add reminder: Add a reminder.
  • Add tag: Add a tag.


The toolbar is located at the top of the note and is visible when you are editing the note.

  • Text type: Set the text to pre-formatted options, such as normal text or various size headers.
  • Font style: Select a font style.
  • Font size: Select a font size.
  • Font color: Select a font color.
  • Font formatting: Apply bold, italics, or underline to selected text.
  • Highlighter color: Select a highlighter color.
  • Lists: Select a list option: checklist, bullet list, or numbered list.
  • More: Access additional formatting options, such as paragraph alignment, indentation, and the option to remove formatting.
  • Insert: Insert a table, divider, attachment, photo, checkbox, code block, or sketch.



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