Evernote for Project Planning

Evernote for Project Planning

Evernote for Project Planning

6 ways Evernote makes project planning a breeze

Planning a project can be exciting but also overwhelming. Whether you’re planning a business proposal, a kitchen remodel, or a trip to Mars, gathering all of the information you need in one place makes it easier to keep organized and on task.

Spaceship taking off from Earth

1. Organize your project info into notebooks

List of notebooks in a notebook stack

Use Evernote to organize the different aspects of your mission to Mars. Start by creating a notebook structure to keep similar notes together– inspiration, research, and documentation, for example. Then group all of the related notebooks into a notebook stack for enhanced organization.


2. Clip research and ideas from the web

Screenshot of a web clipping

Bookmarks are great for saving links to NASA requirements and space travel blog posts, but clicking through a list of website titles isn’t the most practical way to review the content you’ve been surfing. Evernote Web Clipper saves the full content of each web page in a note and links back to the original page. This makes your bookmarks easier to search through while giving them context at the same time.


Turn on "smart filing" in Web Clipper which suggests the most relevant notebook for the clipped page.


3. Save important emails in Evernote

Web Clipper options for saving email

If you have emails from people you’re working with, they’re probably saved in your inbox. You may also have email confirmations and other important information saved in your inbox. Make it easier to review everything together by clearing your inbox and saving those emails in Evernote.


Use your unique Evernote email address to save emails directly from your inbox to Evernote. Set up rules with your email to automatically forward all emails with “NASA” in the subject line.


4. Scan and attach existing project-related documents

Sample note with preview of attached PDF

Some items, such as medical exam results and signed liability waivers, still live on paper. Scan them into Evernote so all of your resources are kept in one place. If you scan several documents to your computer, you can import those documents into Evernote all at once.


5. Capture handwritten notes and sketches on mobile devices

Sample note with hand-drawn sketch

In keeping track of things like orbit patterns and flight trajectories, you may find it useful to sketch it out. Or use your phone or tablet to jot down notes with a stylus or your finger. Notes sketched directly on your device are editable. Plus, our handwriting recognition means that you can easily find text inside your handwritten scribbles.


6. Stay on schedule with checklists and reminders

Sample note with a checklist

Arguably the most critical part of planning any project is staying on schedule. You’ll need to make sure you have all of your medical exams, space training sessions, and required documents completed before you can board the space shuttle. Create a note with a list of milestones to be completed. Easily check off which tasks have been completed and see what still needs to be done.


Take it one step further and create individual notes for each milestone, then use note links in the main checklist to reference each milestone in more detail.





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