Keyboard shortcuts for iOS

Keyboard shortcuts for iOS
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Keyboard shortcuts for iOS

If you connect an external keyboard to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, you can control most of the interface using the keyboard shortcuts listed here.

TIP: Hold the Command key to display a shortcuts cheat sheet on iPad

Note: Currently not supported on The new Evernote for iOS.


Shortcut Action
⌘ N New note
(or in Notebook view = New notebook)
⌘ option S Show/Hide Sidebar (iPad only)
←↑↓→ Navigate through notes
⌘ ↓ Open a selected note
⌘ control S Sync
esc Cancel/Close a search or dialogue

Viewing and editing a note


Shortcut Action
⌘ W Close note
⌘ shift I Note info (of the open note)
⌘ L Edit title (of the open note)
Tab While editing title, use tab to edit note body


Shortcut Action
⌘ B Bold
⌘ I Italic
⌘ U Underline
⌘ control K Strikethrough
⌘ control H Highlight
⌘ shift T Insert To-do
⌘ shift U Toggle Bulleted List
⌘ shift O Toggle Numbered List
⌘ } Increase List Level
⌘ { Decrease List Level
⌘ option { Align Left
⌘ option } Align Right
⌘ option | Align Center


Global search

Shortcut Action
⌘ Option F Search
⌘ Control S Save search

Searching within note

Shortcut Action
⌘ F Search note
⌘ G Next search result
⌘ ⇧ G Previous search result