FAQs about Evernote Business

FAQs about Evernote Business

FAQs about Evernote Business

What's the difference between Evernote Business and Evernote Premium?

Evernote Premium is designed to help individuals be more productive. Evernote Business is designed for teams. It has everything that Premium has to offer plus additional features that help teams work better together. Evernote Business also comes with a centralized admin console so account admins can audit account activity, add and remove users, and manage ownership and sharing of business content. Learn more

What if I already have an Evernote account?

Instead of creating a new Evernote Business account, we recommend that you upgrade your existing account to a Business account. By upgrading, you’ll avoid having to switch between, or pay for, two separate accounts. Your company is responsible for Evernote Business payments.

What happens to my personal notebooks once I link my personal account to an Evernote Business account?

Your personal notes and notebooks remain private and separate from your business notes and notebooks, and stay with you should you leave the business. No one else, besides you, has access to your personal notes and notebooks, unless you choose to share them. With Evernote Business, you can set up a business profile with a work email address to use when sharing business notes. Learn more

How do I get Evernote Business?

If you’re new to Evernote Business, you’ll need to create a new company account. Learn more

If your company already has an Evernote Business account, you can request an invitation from the account admin to link your personal account to your company’s account. Learn more

How does sharing and collaboration work in Evernote Business?

With business notebooks, you can share content with everyone who’s part of the same company account, or with a select group of individuals.

If you share content with everyone on the company account, it appears in Business Home. From Business Home, you can see what others in your company are working on and view a list of suggested notebooks others have created.

What security features come with Evernote Business?

Evernote Business supports two-step verification, enhanced security with TLS/SSL, and Single Sign-on (SSO). Learn more

Evernote Business has been designed so that business content stays within the business no matter how your team changes. Additionally, account admins can use the admin console to audit account activity, add and remove users, and manage ownership and sharing of business content.

Are there discounts for nonprofits and educational institutions?

Yes. We offer discounts to qualifying non-governmental organizations (NGOs), non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. Learn more

Are there discounts for larger teams?

Yes. For deployment of large teams, please contact our sales team for more information.

What billing options are available for Evernote Business?

You can pay by credit card or invoice. Learn more

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