Note templates for customer relationships

Note templates for customer relationships
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Note templates for customer relationships

Click Preview and Save to open the note template, then click Save to Evernote to add the template to your own Evernote account. You can copy, rename, and edit the note in your account.


Customer/Client Consulting Session Details

With business notebooks, your clients can view and edit notes within notebooks you invite them to, so they can stay updated and fill in details as needed.


Customer/Contact Relationship Management

Use this template to manage your customers, clients, and contacts. Go beyond what you keep in your address book or contact list - with Evernote you can add in files and documents, take audio notes, and drag in images related to your work together.


Ideas & Inspiration Collection

Use this template to collect your ideas for future projects for business or personal project. Having a central spot to keep the things that inspire you give you a helping hand when it's time for you to start working on your next initiative.


Incident Response

Use this template to keep track customer service incidents and your company's response to them.