How-to: Collaborate with Work Chat

How-to: Collaborate with Work Chat
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How-to: Collaborate with Work Chat

Collaborate with Work Chat

Your team’s productivity is enhanced when everyone’s workflow is as efficient as possible. Work Chat streamlines everyone’s work by bringing discussion and collaboration right into Evernote, allowing you to communicate with colleagues without ever leaving the app.

Work Chat lets you easily:

  • Chat with colleagues in Evernote
  • Share notes and notebooks
  • Quickly give and receive feedback

Following are step-by-step tips for getting started with Work Chat.


Create your first Work Chat

Start by creating your first Work Chat. You can chat with one person or multiple people depending on what you want to achieve - from confirming a deadline to getting feedback on a document.

On Mac and Windows desktop, click New Chat from the Evernote toolbar. On iPhone, iPad, and Android, tap the ‘Work Chat’ button on the home screen, then tap New. If you’re using Evernote on the web, select ‘Work Chat’ from the side navigation menu, and click the New Chat button.

Once you’ve opened a chat, type in the first letters of each recipient’s first name; if you have emailed them before, their email will auto-populate in the ‘Send’ field. If you have not emailed them before, enter their email address. Add each recipient, then type your message into the text field and tap/click ‘Send.’

How to collaborate with Work Chat

You can also chat with people in your personal contact lists, from past Evernote contacts to Gmail and Outlook contacts.


Share a note in Work Chat

You can share notes and notebooks in Work Chat to collaborate without ever leaving Evernote. Let’s start with sharing a single note.

First, select the note you’d like to share. If you’re sharing from your desktop or laptop, click the Share button on the note toolbar. If you are sending a note in Work Chat on a mobile device, tap the Work Chat icon while viewing any note.

How to collaborate with Work Chat

Then, choose permissions for sharing the note: ‘Can edit and invite,’ ‘Can edit,’ or ‘Can view.’

How to collaborate with Work Chat

Next, enter the recipients’ names, type a message about the note, then click or tap Send.


Share a notebook

Sometimes you may want to share a whole notebook with colleagues. For example, when multiple people need access to all of the moving parts of a particular project.

To share a notebook from your desktop or laptop, click on the ‘Work Chat’ icon that appears when you place your cursor over the notebook.

How to collaborate with Work Chat

From your mobile device, tap the Work Chat icon at the top of the screen while viewing the note list in any notebook.

Then, just as you would when sending a chat or sharing a single note, enter the recipients’ names, choose the appropriate permissions (‘Can edit and invite,’ ‘Can edit,’ or ‘Can view’), then type a message to accompany the chat. Click or tap Send, and you’re done.


These are the essential actions Work Chat offers to ease collaboration with your colleagues. Work Chat fully integrates your work in Evernote with the conversations you have about it, which means you don’t have to leave Evernote to communicate, share, and get feedback.

For more details on using Work Chat, quick start guide.