Note templates for marketing

Note templates for marketing
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Note templates for marketing

Click Preview and Save to open the note template, then click Save to Evernote to add the template to your own Evernote account. You can copy, rename, and edit the note in your account.


Marketing Asset Library

Use this template to create a central spot to collect, organize and share your branding and other marketing assets. Include any relevant files like logos, fonts, and bios and anything else that you or your team may need.


Marketing Calendar

Use this template to keep track of your marketing efforts. Add/remove columns, and fill in with the content that's relevant to you.


If you already have calendar elements elsewhere, such as in Google Calendar, you can include a link to your external calendars right within the body of this note. If you’ve been storing calendar details in a spreadsheet or on a calendar you’ve written on a whiteboard, you can drag in documents or images to store them inside Evernote - and they become searchable if you use Evernote Premium or Evernote Business.


Marketing Persona

Use this template to create personas for the different types of people that you are marketing to. Personas can help you identify people - real individuals - that your marketing messages can be tailored to or targeted towards. Make your personas as detailed as is appropriate for you and your company.


If you’ve been using paper-based vision boards or pin boards to capture personas, take photos of them with Evernote on your smartphone or tablet, and include those images here. Everything you’ve previously written will be made searchable directly in Evernote.