Spend some time thinking through the setup of your Evernote account. Create a set of team-wide spaces, such as an 'Employee Handbook' space or a 'Benefits' space. Name them in a way that is consistent with the way you'd like others to name and organize content in the long run.

Use spaces and notebooks to keep everything (and everyone) organized

The first step to collaborating in Evernote Teams is to come up with a logical structure for your projects. Create spaces to organize a collection of related notes and notebooks you and your teams will frequently need to access.

If you're just getting started with using Spaces in Evernote, check out Getting Started with Spaces.

Ways to organize and work together with spaces

Here are some effective ways to organize spaces so anyone on the team can quickly find what they need.

Each project owner should:

  • Manage how a shared space is used
  • Create and maintain project notes and notebooks
  • Choose naming conventions for the notes
  • Add starter content they’ve already collected

Ask everyone who will contribute to the space to follow agreed upon naming conventions. Learn more >>



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