Create notebooks

Create notebooks

Create notebooks

Spend some time thinking through the setup of your Evernote Business workspace. Creating structures for the way you'll create, name, and organize content saves time in the long run.

Use notebooks to keep everything (and everyone) organized

The first step to collaborating in Evernote Business is to come up with a logical structure for your projects. Create business notebooks to organize your notes around the topics that matter to you and your team.

If you're just getting started with Evernote, learn how to create notebooks here.

Ways to organize and collaborate with notebooks

Here are some effective ways to organize your notebooks and the content within them so anyone can quickly find what they need.

The project owner should:

  • Create and maintain the project notebook
  • Choose naming conventions for the notes
  • Add starter content they’ve already collected

Ask everyone who will contribute to the notebook to follow the naming conventions for easier navigation. Learn more >>

Video tutorials

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