How-to: Work together on projects

How-to: Work together on projects
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How-to: Work together on projects

Work together on projects

Clear organization is essential to effective team collaboration. Projects have many moving parts, from timelines to checklists, notes, files, and proposals. A centralized location for projects access gives everyone access to current information and a better ability to track deliverables and deadlines.


Give every project a home

When your team’s projects have a centralized location in Evernote Business, everyone can quickly access the most current assets from any of their their devices - computer, tablet, or phone.

The first step to collaborating in Evernote Business is to create a business notebook for your project. Give everyone modify permissions when you set up the notebook, then share it with your team.

How to work together on projects

Encourage everyone to use the notebook to contribute to the project.


Collect the moving parts in one place

A project may start from inspiration found online, come alive during a team brainstorm, then crystallize in a written plan. Evernote Business lets you gather it all in one place so everyone can quickly reference the details.

Here are examples of what you can collect in your workspace in Evernote Business:

  • Project timelines
  • Web Clips and articles
  • Photographs
  • Copy drafts
  • Budget spreadsheets
  • Meeting notes with action items

How to work together on projects

At project brainstorming meetings, capture a photo of the ideas on a whiteboard with the Evernote app’s built-in camera. All your team’s great ideas are gathered with the rest of the project details.


Use notebooks to keep everything (and everyone) organized

Here are some effective ways to organize your notebooks and the content within them so anyone can quickly find what they need.

The project owner should:

  • Create and maintain the project notebook
  • Choose naming conventions for the notes
  • Add starter content they’ve already collected

Ask everyone who will contribute to the notebook to follow the naming conventions for easier navigation.

To really keep a project on track, add a project plan note so everyone can reference a detailed overview of all the moving parts (see and download a project plan template below).

How to work together on projects

Enable everyone to quickly navigate the notebook contents by creating a table of contents note.

How to work together on projects

Pin the note to the top of your note list by adding a reminder (the alarm clock icon at the top of the note window).


Share with clients, vendors, and consultants

It’s easy to share notebooks and notes in Evernote Business with people outside your company. Share a notebook with external collaborators so they can modify notes, add project updates, and share new designs with your internal team.

When you’d like a partner or vendor to be able to view a note, but you don’t need them to add input, you can share a single note via email or URL. If you share the URL for a note, the recipient will see the most recently updated version of that note in their browser. This is especially useful if you’re sharing content that the recipient will need to stay updated on, such as a project plan or timeline.

How to work together on projects


Tag tasks assigned to team members

Beyond sharing content among your team, you’ll also want to keep track of who is responsible for working on specific elements of your project, which items are still in progress and which have been completed.

Tags can help everyone on your team gain clarity on who is doing what and also keep the project owner up-to-date. Add tags to individual notes to show who is responsible for the outlined action items. If more than one team member is going to work on the tasks within a note, add tags for each person.

Tags can also help indicate the status of each note. For instance, you may want to show that a note is currently incomplete and is urgent. Consider adding tags for:

  • Status - complete, incomplete, pending
  • Urgency - urgent, not urgent, overdue

How to work together on projects

Ask the members of your team to update tags as status changes.

Evernote Business gives you several ways to monitor all of the projects in progress across your team. To see which projects need to be moved forward, try creating saved searches for combinations of tags, such as ‘assignee’ and ‘incomplete.’ Next, drag your key saved searched to your shortcuts sidebar for quick daily access.

  • Drag key saved searches to shortcuts for fast access
  • Add reminders to alert team of key due dates and deadlines