Update your Evernote profile information

When you fill out your Evernote profile, your name and photo appear when you share or work with others.

Evernote profile

To fill out your profile, go to the Profile page in your account settings. The information in your profile includes:

  • Profile photo
  • Full name
  • Email address

Evernote Teams profile

When you're part of an Evernote Teams account, you have additional, business-related fields in your profile.

The additional fields include:

  • Mobile phone
  • Job title
  • Department
  • Office location

Note: Visit the Security Summary page in your account settings to update your email address. Learn more >>



  • business email
  • business email address
  • profile
  • business profile
  • position
  • business title
  • office
  • company
  • directory
  • team
  • profile photo
  • profile pic


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